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How to plan the perfect trip to Slovenia

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Despite its petite size, Slovenia is home to an abundance of interesting places to visit, things to do and extraordinary adventures to be had. Find out how to plan the perfect itinerary to explore this majestic little country, that I think you’re going to fall in love with.

Slovenia is a real joy. Sandwiched between the Alps and the Mediterranean, it’s everything that’s wonderful about Europe rolled up into one small, friendly and inviting country. With soaring peaks in the Julian Alps no distance from lush green valleys and lakes, you’d be mistaken for thinking this is a destination just for the serious outdoor enthusiast. But I’m happy to report that you can also find cosmopolitan, and rather beautiful cities just a stone’s throw away – and that’s before you even reach the coast.

As you might be able to tell, I’m still a little spell-bound by the place.

We spent twelve days in Slovenia this summer, and loved it. Whilst I’ve already talked about each of our stops in more detailed posts, today I want to share;

  • How we planned our trip – specifically how we divided our time to allow us to explore lots of this little country
  • Suggestions for planning your own itinerary based on our own experiences – what I would do with more or less time here

There’s plenty you could pack into just a few days here if you’d prefer a shorter break. And if you’ve more time to travel, there are endless possibilities.

And before you ask, why twelve days?

Well firstly, this was when we could get flights for the right price (every traveller’s honest answer!). But a little research also told us there was more than enough to keep us busy for this whole time. Which turned out very much to be true. Honestly, I could have stayed longer.

Getting here and getting around

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Arriving in Slovenia

The easiest way to get to Slovenia is to fly into Ljubljana airport. Less than a half hour bus ride or taxi from the centre of the capital, it’s well served by airlines from across Europe. Easyjet and Adria Airways (the Slovenian national flag carrier) are the two major airlines operating in and out of here.

If you’re keen to drive here, you’ll find that there are good connections to the Austrian and Italian motorway networks if you’re coming from the north or west. And once you’re here, Slovenian motorways are free to use and well-signposted to get you on your way.

Travelling around Slovenia

It might be tempting to hire a car if you’re flying into Ljubljana and planning to explore. By all means choose this option if you want to get really off-piste, but I was really pleasantly surprised by the public transport network here. We travelled exclusively by bus and found it was a comfortable, quick and very affordable option. It was also always on time – or slightly alarmingly, often a minute or two early (not something I’m used to the UK!). Most major routes out of Ljubljana are operated by Alpetours.

And if buses aren’t convenient at the time of day or year that you’re travelling, there are professional shuttle services linking the airport with Ljubljana and Maribor, as well as many of the lake and mountain resorts. Although considerably more expensive than buses, they seemed much more affordable than similar services I’ve seen in the French and Italian Alps, and can be booked in advance for a fixed charge.

There’s also a comprehensive rail network. Although services aren’t as frequent as buses, it’s the quickest way to get to the coast and most cities east of Ljubljana – as well as Croatia.

Planning your itinerary

To help you plan your stay, I’m going to share more about the three locations we based ourselves in;

  • Ljubljana – the capital city of Slovenia
  • Lake Bled – about 45 minutes north of Ljubljana, in the foothills of the Julian Alps
  • Lake Bohinj – another 30 minutes or so north-west of Bled, on the edge of Triglav National Park in the Alps

I’ll let you know how long we stayed for, how long I’d recommend that you allow and I’ll give you a few reasons why you should make a stop here.

I’m also going to share a few pointers for other places in Slovenia that are well-recommended, and that I would liked to have visited if we’d had more time. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Ljubljana

Exploring Slovenia’s capital city


We did:  Two and a half days, three nights.

I’d recommend:  At least two full days. A great city break destination.

Why you need to visit Ljubljana:  Fantastic architecture, fresh food and and laid-back atmosphere that makes Ljubljana standard out from other European capitals.

Unmissable things to do:  Drinks and dinner by the river in the old town, explore Tivoli park, get lost on castle hill.

If you’re wondering about the odd amount of time we spent here, let me explain. Our flights arrived late in the evening on our first day, so we headed straight to our hostel for an early night ready to explore the next day. We then spent two full days in the city, and the half day on last day – as we travelled on to Bled at noon.

I’d recommend spending at least two days in Ljubljana. It might not be a large city, but it more than punches above its weight and there is a lot to see and do here. Ljubljana is perfect for anyone with an enthusiasm for architecture, who enjoys a lazy cup of coffee or a cold beer on a cafe terrace and who loves exploring on foot.  Eating and drinking out is very reasonable, and we didn’t once feel a need to hop on public transport to get to our next location. It’s a great choice for anyone who finds very large cities intimidating, or wants to comfortably feel like they’ve explored a good chunk of the city in a few days.

If you want to plan the perfect city break in Slovenia, consider making Ljubljana your base and heading to Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj or Piran for a day out. This would work brilliantly as a full day’s adventure during a three or four night stay.

For more about Slovenian capital, you can read my full guide to what to see, do and eat in Ljubljana here.

Part 2: Lake Bled

Slovenia’s most iconic destination


We did: Three days, three nights.

I’d recommend:  Three days is long enough to get off the beaten path and really get to know the area. You can get a good feel for Lake Bled in a day, making it a great day trip from Ljubljana if your time is limited. Equally it could be a base for a longer stay if you’re happy to take trips out to other locations.

Why you need to visit Lake Bled:  It’s outrageously beautiful, and perfect for active folks.

Unmissable things to do:  Check out the views from Mala Osojnica, explore Vintgar Gorge.

Lake Bled is picture-postcard perfect. Probably Slovenia’s best-known destination, it’s been attracting tourists for decades and it’s easy to see why.

We knew we wanted to stay here long enough to get to know the area – I didn’t want to regret staying for too short a time. Three days was enough to get to know the lake and town, as well as explore the villages to the north and south. These don’t get many column-inches in travel guides but deserve more recognition. We felt like we’d had the chance to explore but also had time to wind down and enjoy some beach time.

Want to know more about what we got up to? You can read all about it in my guide to Lake Bled.

The town of Bled itself isn’t wildly exciting. It’s very hotel-centric, but think of it as a gateway to this region. Make the most of enjoying the lakeside, and escape the crowds in the overwhelming charming villages nearby. They’re just a brisk walk or a quick cycle ride away, and add a totally different dimension to your experience. It’s the perfect summer destination, with lively lakeside beaches circling the lake and a family-friendly crowd.

And with views of the mountains, it’s not hard to be lured towards another mountain destination – Lake Bohinj.

Part 3: Lake Bohinj

Wild beauty on the edge of the Julian Alps


We did:  Five days, five nights

I’d recommend:  A week, or as many days as you can manage.

Why you need to visit Lake Bohinj:  It’s the Alps, but without the hefty price tag. An outdoor adventurer’s dream.

Unmissable things to do:  Discover stunning waterfalls, take a dip in the lake, head to Vogel ski station, climb a mountain or two.

Ask me a year ago, and I wouldn’t have been able to name Lake Bohinj. And I certainly couldn’t pronounce it. We had to turn to YouTube for help with that (it’s something along the lines of Bok-Hinge – but fortunately the locals are very forgiving).

But this alpine delight has been on the radar of those in the know for years. Only they’ve mostly managed to keep it a secret.

And yes, there are more people are heading today than there were ten years ago. But the real joy of Lake Bohinj is how easy it is to escape the crowds and uncover the raw beauty of this region. It’s everything you’d want from an Alpine summer break but for a fraction of the price. And if I’m honest, without some of the trappings that tarnish some of the more developed resorts in France and Italy.  You won’t find big hotels, private beaches or endless coach tours here. You’ll just find happy crowds of people on foot and two wheels, heading up high in the mountains to explore. Or finding their own perfect beach spot.

I’d recommend spending more time here than Bled simply because there is much more to do. It’s more than a little irresistible to anyone who loves being active and outdoors. And whilst you might have to build-your-own holiday a little more to get here and find accommodation, you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of experiences and landscapes.

Find out what we got up to – and my recommendations for quick, half day and full day adventures – in Bohinj in Pristine peaks and glittering falls: An active guide to exploring Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Bonus points: Other spots worth including

I can’t resist including a few other honourable mentions. There is much, much more to Slovenia than three destinations – although they’ll certainly give you a feel for the place.


This beautiful town is just a few miles from Ljubljana airport (although you wouldn’t know it), so it’s easy to weave into your travel plans. We made a lunch stop before heading to the airport on our way home, and were glad we made time for it. Although it’s Slovenia’s third largest city, it’s really rather petite and an hour is more than enough time to explore the old town. But take a little while longer and enjoy a coffee on a shady terrace, or a lovely local lunch, and you’ll realise it’s quite a charmer – in spite of its modest size.


If I’d had even a day more, I would have headed south to the coast and soaked up the laid-back atmosphere of this beautiful looking seaside town. Although I didn’t make it there myself, it looks right up my street. Charming Venetian-style architecture, the Adriatic sea, fresh seafood. Perfect.


Thirdly, if Ljubljana whet you appetite for Slovenian cities, I have it on good authority that Maribor is well-worth a visit. A prestigious University town, it’s also got a fearsome reputation for food and drink – in particular for the local white wines.

Kranjska Gora

Last but by no means least. Kranjska Gora is Slovenia’s biggest ski resort and about half an hour north of Lake Bohinj (although the formidable Mount Triglav stands between them). It’s got good form from a winter sports perspective as it’s now a regular on the Ski World Cup series, and I certainly wouldn’t rule out a trip here for my annual dose of snow. But it also looks stunning in the summer months, and given how gorgeous and activity packed Lake Bohinj is, I’m optimistic there’s just as much to explore here.

Slovenia: A summary

There’s such a lot that you can pack into a visit to Slovenia. You could argue that Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj only just scrape the surface – which is true. And that they’re only a very small part of a wonderfully diverse country – also true.

But I think each has something special to bring the table. Ljubljana reflects this country’s history, culture and heritage all whilst managing to feel as young and vibrant as any capital I’ve visited in Europe. Lake Bled is Slovenia’s icon, a place that personifies its natural beauty and its lush green landscapes. And Lake Bohinj is the gateway to the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park – places that Slovenians are so rightly proud of.

Whilst they’re not far apart, they represent three very different sides to the country. And what a bloomin’ lovely country it is.

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  • Colin Swords
    Posted at 10:49h, 29 June Reply

    Hi Savi, your post makes me want to take the next road trip to Slovenia. So far we ve done New Zealand and Norway road trips. Which one would you suggest next one? ??

  • Pippa
    Posted at 19:05h, 22 February Reply

    Hi Alice. Love your guides – thank you. We (4 of us, incl 2 teenagers) have 3 weeks booked in Slovenia in July/August – flights booked but no accommodation yet. I stayed there as a teenager before the war and it has remained one of my favourite memories – but not been back. I’m thinking a few days in Ljubiana, some time in Bohinj for adventure and some time by the coast, if I can persuade the family to stay in 3 places. If not, can Ljubiana be visited from Bohinj? Or coast from Bohinj? I love swimming in the sea but know that the lakes and rivers are supposed to be good for swimming in – did you swim? Thanks!

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:32h, 29 February Reply

      Thanks so much Pippa! Ljubljana and Bohinj are about an hour and a half apart and can easily be reached by road. We took the bus and it was comfortable, efficient and very reasonable in price. The coast is about two hours by train from Ljubljana so may be too far from Bohinj, and would require a change from bus to train in Ljubljana. I’d recommend heading here for a day or two from the capital, then head north into the mountains to explore Bled and Bohinj. With regards to swimming, locals and visitors love to swim in the lakes here. This is really common in this part of the world and something I’ve done all my life, they were super clean and there were so many great swimming spots. I’d really recommend.

  • Cathy Stafford
    Posted at 09:39h, 02 May Reply

    Thanks for your informative post! You helped me make my final decision for this summer’s travel plan. 🙂 I have a question, though. Was the language barrier an issue? I’ve heard that in the touristy areas there may be some people who can speak a little English, but what about when you venture off the beaten path? How did you find it? Also, do you feel that it’s safe for solo female travelers?

    • Alice
      Posted at 12:52h, 02 May Reply

      Cathy I’m thrilled for you! I couldn’t comment on being a solo traveller as I was with my boyfriend on the trip, but broadly speaking the country felt very safe and welcoming. Slovenia is busy when we were there (in August) so even in quieter spots there were usually other folks about – many of whom were families. We had no problems speaking English here. Of course, learning a few please’s and thank you’s plus how to order a coffee and a beer in Slovenian helped, but even in the villages around Lake Bohinj most people spoke a little English. Because visitors tend to congregate to a few locations here, getting off the beaten path is easy even without going far. You won’t be the only one doing so, but it’s nice to escape the crowds and locals were very welcoming where we went. Have a fantastic trip!

  • Neena Elizabeth Paul
    Posted at 19:22h, 13 October Reply

    Ive read about Lake Bled and its beauty in so many places. So looking forward to visiting these ethereal places sometime!

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:42h, 14 October Reply

      Thank you Neena – ethereal is such a great word to describe the Slovenian lakes!

  • Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays
    Posted at 17:19h, 13 October Reply

    I so want to visit Slovenia, great guide that goes beyond the obvious

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:41h, 14 October Reply

      Thanks so much Catherine! I really value exploring beyond the main attractions, so I really hope that this guide shows you there is so much more to see and do beyond the most famous sights.

  • Jessica
    Posted at 16:01h, 13 October Reply

    This is perfect! My husband and I have wanted to go but somehow just haven’t made it there yet. This is super helpful and we’ll be using it to plan our adventure there! Just need to find the perfect time to go 😉

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:40h, 14 October Reply

      Thanks Jessica. It’s taken me a little while longer than I’d hoped to make it there, but it was entirely worth the wait! I think spring or summer is a great time to visit – August was very hot, great for lake swimming, but perhaps choose June if you’d prefer it a little more comfortable.

  • Tasha
    Posted at 14:07h, 13 October Reply

    Stunning photos. I love that you’ve shared places in Slovenia as well as Lake Bled. Lake Bohinj looks divine.

  • dorothyadele
    Posted at 13:38h, 13 October Reply

    Great guide, with plenty of attractions. I never knew that Slovenia had so much to offer, thanks for the tips.

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:37h, 14 October Reply

      Thanks Dorothy. To be honest, I didn’t realise there was so much to do in Slovenia until we started planning our trip. And after two weeks there, I already want to go back and explore more!

  • Chelsea
    Posted at 12:56h, 13 October Reply

    Great tips and stunning photos! I didn’t know about Lake Bled until I moved to Europe, and now it’s on my must-see list. Hiking around Lake Bohinj looks like my cup of tea 🙂

    • Alice
      Posted at 08:37h, 14 October Reply

      Thanks Chelsea! Bled is as good as you’d hope it would be, Bohinj is a real surprise and treat. Hope you manage to make it there one day.

  • Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays
    Posted at 12:31h, 13 October Reply

    I so want to go to Slovenia, great guide.

  • Emma
    Posted at 12:19h, 13 October Reply

    Ah this is the best guide I’ve read so far on Slovenia (I’m going next week- just for four days but as I’m off season plan to hire a car and base myself in bled but hit the spots you’ve listed!!) are hikes fairly well signposted ?! Thank you for this clean comphrensive guide- beautiful photos too!

  • Karen
    Posted at 10:47h, 13 October Reply

    We too loved Slovenia. And on your next trip there, do take some time to explore around the Triglav National Park around Bovec. It is simply stunning with outdoor pursuits galore and WW1 memorials everywhere. The Path of Peace goes from Austria all through Slovenia down to Nova Goriza. Stunning part of the world.

    • Alice
      Posted at 12:39h, 13 October Reply

      Thank you Karen! Now that I’ve had a taste of this beautiful country I can’t wait to go back. Your suggestions sound great – I would love to go and explore more of the Triglav National Park, we only just started to scratch the surface on this trip.

  • Sneha Joshi
    Posted at 10:44h, 13 October Reply

    All pictures look so gorgeous 🙂 Slovenia is on top of my must visit destinations for 2019. This itinerary and your other posts on Slovenia are definitely going to help me plan that trip well!

    • Alice
      Posted at 12:38h, 13 October Reply

      Thanks Sneda! Slovenia is great – it’s just a case of working out how to fit as much of it as possible into the time you have there 🙂

  • Sarah
    Posted at 10:25h, 13 October Reply

    What a helpful guide! I had no idea that there was so much to do around Lake Bohinj. It sure sounds like a pristine summer destination, away from the crowds. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Alice
      Posted at 12:37h, 13 October Reply

      Thanks so much Sarah! Bohinj was a real suprise. Bled was beautiful but can get very busy especially in the summer. We found it was quieter at Bohinj, more wild and packed with things to do. I hope to go back one day.

  • Madhu
    Posted at 08:55h, 13 October Reply

    Slovenia is so beautiful ..loved reading your post and gathering all the info hope to visit soon

    • Alice
      Posted at 11:31h, 13 October Reply

      Thank you Madhu! Slovenia is a beautiful country – I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit.

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